New and Notable: Mad Rock Trigger Wire - 2010 Gear Guide

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New and Notable: Mad Rock Trigger Wire - 2010 Gear Guide
  1. HAIR TRIGGER Set the eponymous, spring-loaded “trigger” bar to hold the bent-wire gate and voila, you have a wide-open gate, ready to be clipped or stick clipped. (With a little practice, you’ll find it easy to set the trigger one handed.) Like a mousetrap, only the lightest touch on the trigger, which physically occupies almost the entire gate opening, is required to release the gate.

  2. DOUBLE DUTY The Trigger Wire can be used like any standard biner, too — simply leave the trigger laying flat against the inside of the spine and clip away. The bent-wire gate allows for a generous gate opening and also offers a flat surface that makes clipping easy.

  3. LIGHT MAKES MIGHT Even with the added trigger hardware, this biner maintains a svelte figure. Meanwhile, the Trigger Wire maintains an ample strength rating (see below).

$9.95, madrockclimbing.comWeight: 1.34ozStrength (major/minor/open): 23/8/8kNGate Opening: 22mmCertifications: UIAA, CE


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