New and Notable: Petzl TIKKA XP² - Gear Guide 2010

New and Notable: Petzl TIKKA XP² - Gear Guide 2010
  1. RED AND WHITE With one white, high-output LED and one red LED, the TIKKA XP2 is useful in a wide array of scenarios. The white LED casts up to a 60-meter beam, perfect for spotting the ends of your rope on an after-dark rappel. The red LED sips battery juice and casts light enough to read a map by, while still leaving your night vision intact. To select white or red, just depress the power button for two seconds.

  2. POWER UP The TIKKA XP2 runs off three standard AAA alkaline batteries, but it also accepts lithium batteries, which are lighter, more resistant to cold, and hold their charge longer when shelved. A battery-life indicator light clicks on when juice is running low.

  3. FAR AND WIDE With the wide-angle lens up, the headlamp’s powerful beam is cast wide, illuminating the world close-up — a nice option for reading, cooking at basecamp, or locating that straggler cam while packing up at the base of a route after sundown.

$54.95, petzl.comWeight: 3.1oz Lumens/beam length: 60 / 200 feetBatteries: 3 AAA (included)Max burn time: 160 hours