Omega Pacific Alpha Ti


The lightest tool tested, the Omega Pacific AlphaTi sports a unique adjustable-angle pick.

Omega Pacific Alpha Ti

Omega Alpha Ti, $220

Summary: The Alpha Ti’s titanium shaft makes it the lightest tool in the review, and concentrates the weight in the head for a nice balance. The included Yates leash worked pretty well, but could use refinement — the Velcro iced up and caused the buckle to slip. The insulated pinky shelf is nice, but the grip is not ergonomic. The slightly curved shaft offers little clearance. The pick teeth are not beveled, so the Alpha Ti sometimes got horrendously stuck in hard and soft ice alike. The bottom of the teeth are cut with a very small radius that concentrates the force and increases the chances of breaking the pick. This is the only tool with an adjustable pick angle, so you can fine-tune the Alpha Ti to your particular style.

Pros: Light. Adjustable pick angle.

Cons: Lacks ergonomic grip. Pick frequently got stuck.

Overall grade: C+

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