PETZL ATTACHE 3D - 2009 Gear Guide

PETZL ATTACHE 3D - 2009 Gear Guide

p>It’s not easy to lose even a little weight — for any of us — which makes the Attache 3D locker from Petzl (, due April 2009, impressive: it’s 37 percent lighter than the popular Attache, on which it’s modeled. To accomplish this slimming, Petzl’s R&D masterminds turned to computer models, to determine where to subtract aluminum (to drop ounces) and where to add it (to maintain strength). The calculations were so effective that, while the Attache 3D is the same size as the Attache, it sports 1kN more opengate strength and a gate opening larger by 2mm. A perfect belay biner or anchor builder, the Attache 3D is a solid addition to Petzl’s line.

PETZL ATTACHE 3D - 2009 Gear Guide
  1. THE KEYLOCK ROCKPetzl long led the quick-clippin’ pack with its early adoption of the snag-free keylock nose. The Attache 3D locker continues this tradition, guarding against unwanted hang-ups when clipping belay loops, slings, etc.

  2. LOW-PROFILE GATE DESIGNThe screwlock gate has been streamlined, to reduce any unwanted snagging and allow for easy biner rotation.

  3. NOW IN 3-D!Petzl pared away excess aluminum to yield this distinctive 3-D shape . . . and a full-size (still compatible with a münter hitch), superlight locking biner.

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