Petzl Ergo - Leashless Tool Review

Petzl Ergo - Leashless Tool Review

Petzl Ergo, $270, 1 pound, 8 ounces

Overall grade: A

The Petzl Ergo was one of the first commercial leashless tools to hit the market. It’s also the best on the market right now, taking top honors for our test in both

ice climbing

and dry tooling. On ice, the Ergo matches swings with the best leashed tools on the market and sticks equally well. On rock, the tool shift as you moved from grip to grip was perceptible, but minimal. Hooking, torquing, stein pulling — all handled with aplomb. In a sign of how popular this tool was, it routinely disappeared from the office gear stash last winter and I’d have to resort to shaking down certain usual suspects in order to get it returned.

Our complaints were few and not outstanding. The Ergo felt a touch short compared to some tools, especially the Phreak, but we rarely felt like reach was an issue. Also, the clip-in point on the tool’s head could be larger to accommodate fuss-free clipping.


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