Petzl Spirit Express


$21 (12cm), $22 (17cm);


Ask a group of climbers what their favorite standby quickdraw is, and the majority will answer with the Petzl Spirit Express. Petzl decided to give this classic draw a facelift, while managing to drop the price by $4. Each biner has been tweaked to maximize performance for its specific duty. The bolt-end biner is a specialized key-lock that sports a cleaner nose, which means less catch on the bolt and less fumble on the gear loops. Petzl flattened the outside of the rope-end biner’s gate, which is curved, so it receives a rope more smoothly. Testers found the clipping action of both biners snappy and easy to perform. An increase in the surface area of the rope basket will reduce the erosion of that high-friction area, so it won’t turn into a rope-damaging sharp edge. Lastly, Petzl redesigned the dogbone (available in two lengths: 12cm and 17cm) by giving it an ergonomic grip shape (smaller at the top and wider at the bottom), making it easier to grab onto when working routes.