Review: Arc’teryx C-Quence Harness

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Arc’teryx’s new C-Quence is sleek: It’s contoured, with a tapered waist belt and leg loops, and a futuristic red-on-black color scheme. The tie-in points have proven durable, and the waistbelt cinches up smoothly with one pull and loosens just as nicely with a lift on the buckle, but never budged mid-session, whether it was sport climbing in the Flatirons or alpine climbing in Rocky Mountain National Park. I like my harnesses snug, so I regularly tightened the size M down on my 32” waist. Maybe I ratcheted things down too tightly, because an hour in a semi-hanging belay on Notchtop Mountain rendered kidney-squeezing discomfort, though 30 minutes on my project of climb -> fall -> hang -> repeat was plenty enjoyable. The leg loops are fixed—with my massive soccer legs, they took break-in; one other tester, who usually wears a men’s M, felt the loops were too loose. The four low-profile gear loops easily hold eight quickdraws each, which meant ample racking space on long trad pitches, plus you get four ice-clipper slots. The C-Quence is light (12.6 oz men’s M) and hyper-mobile—you’ll barely notice it’s on. Arc’teryx accomplishes this with their Warp Strength Technology, which distributes weight well across the broad but thin (depth-wise) load-bearing surfaces. The harness also packs down, leaving space for post-send beers. Comes in M’s and W’s versions.


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