Review: Backcountry x Metolious Party Pit Crash Pad



  • Type: 900 d polyester, standard-size pad
  • Weight: 9lbs
  • Dimensions (open): 36” x 48” x 4”
  • Dimensions (closed): 36” x 26” x 8”
  • Construction: Combination of high and low compression foam
  • Connection system/unique features: Carry handles, padded shoulder straps, webbing waist belt. Flap closure system to cover shoulder straps when bouldering, carpeted corners to clean shoes.

Tester Notes

The Backcountry x Metolius Party Pit Crash Pad is built with super-supportive, solid, stiff foam that worked well be it on a rocky, uneven Boulder Canyon landing or when pitching from the top of a MoonBoard (“highball enough,” really). I really liked the carry and closure system, which only requires one buckle and two flaps that Velcro together to open/close—and you can pull the flap down over the shoulder straps when the pad is laid out, which made it much easier to drag over uneven ground. Beyond the foam, the best feature was the shoe-cleaning swatch, which is at the corner of the pad—where you actually start most problems—and not in the middle, making for quick sole-degunkification and mounting the rock. It was a nice, soft, supple fabric that made shoe cleaning easy.

We used the pad for a boulder problem traverse into a short sport route, 5.13c or V10 linkup, at the Overlook in Boulder Canyon. The Party Pit protected the first crux, a gnarly gaston-and-tuck cross move to a thin layback on which you slap down with a lot of force onto a sloped, uneven landing if you fall. It was basically flawless in this situation—no turned ankles, weird landings, etc., and it even caught a few back-slappers with no one the worse for wear thanks to the high- and low-compression foam.

The Verdict

The Party Pit is perfect for projecting all problems including moderate highballs, cave problems, etc.