Review: Beal Tiger 10 Unicore

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Beal Tiger Unicore 10
Beal Tiger Unicore 10

“I couldn’t believe this rope was 10 millimeters in diameter until I double-checked the label,” one tester said of the Tiger’s skinny, supple feel after taking it on R-rated trad routes in Eldorado Canyon, Colorado, and then alpine climbing in Rocky Mountain National Park. Its excellent handling impressed our testers continually for a year. With a reputation for being a durable workhorse cord, the addition of Unicore gives it another level of practicality. Unicore is a thin filament that tightly bonds the core and the sheath, like two separate pieces that are glued together. When the sheath gets cut, instead of sliding down and exposing a few feet of strength-giving core, the filament keeps the sheath in place so it continues to protect the core. The Tiger’s sheath is also up to 40 percent thicker than that of other ropes, meaning it can stand up to more abrasion and abuse. With UIAA-certified Golden Dry treatment and a scant weight of 61 g/m (8.1 lbs. for 60 meters), the Tiger now has a rightful spot in alpine and big wall environments, where sliced sheaths and chopped cords are common.


The Tiger has been a sport and trad climbers’ favorite for years, but the addition of Unicore means big wallers, alpinists, and even route developers can find peace of mind and extra durability in high-rockfall arenas.


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