Review: Black Diamond AirNet

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Today’s savvy climber rocks a quiver of harnesses—there’s always the right harness for the right job. The incredibly light AirNet (8.3 oz men’s size M; 8.0 oz for the women’s) may just be the new harness for limit sends where weight and mobility matter. I tested for months, and the AirNet quickly became my go-to redpointing harness: There’s so little to it that you often forget you have it on—this is ergonomic, unintrusive tech at its finest. Yet the load-bearing waist belt and leg loops are remarkably broad—2.75” for the waist and 2.5” for the legs—which has made the AirNet plenty serviceable for extended belays, dogging, and even semi-hanging belay stations. The technology—a Dynex net clad in hard-wearing mesh, sealed with bonded edge tape—keeps things both airy and comfortable. Another big plus is the Infinity Loop belay loop, a streamlined, half-inch-diameter loop with no seams—that’s right, no janky bartack—which makes for lurch-free belaying. Not surpisingly, the gear loops are minimalist: The forward ones hold draws and a little gear, while the two in back are thinner than shoelaces and can hold a few more draws or trad slings. Although if you’re wearing the AirNet, the gear’s probably already hanging .…