Review: Black Diamond Crack Gloves

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MSRP: $40

Black Diamond’s first foray into sticky-rubber crack gloves has resulted in a hardwearing, low-profile glove that testers loved. They’re made of synthetic suede with a 0.6mm rubber-adhesive film set into a molded depression for a smooth transition between materials, reducing snaggage in jams. Given their overall thickness of less than 1mm, the gloves didn’t impede slotting into thin-hand cracks, while the thumb loop provided additional protection on wider fissures. “I ran a few laps on Sidescraper, an obscure hands/fist climb in the South Platte of Colorado, in the Crack Gloves,” noted one tester. “Nice fit, minimal slippage, and great gripping power.” The only drawback, noted another tester, was that the Hypalon closure strap sometimes dug into his wrist, though it may have been a sizing issue. Available in five sizes for precise fit, and with white fabric to reduce heat absorption. 

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