Review: Black Diamond Momentum Climbing Harness

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“The price is pleasantly low, but don’t discount it as just a beginner harness,” said one tester. “You have all the features you need, plus bomber gear loops.” One tester, after a trip to Red Rock in Nevada, called them the “Goldilocks of gear loops. In addition to being well-positioned and perfectly shaped, they are just the right size—not so big that they interfere with climbing and not so small that gear is crammed on so tight you struggle to get it off.” After testing the harness’s load-catching chops at Smith Rock and the climbing gym, our testers praised the Momentum’s easy-to-adjust waistbelt, and the fixed leg loops that can be tightened or loosened, but never fully come undone. The construction involves two bands of webbing that trace the perimeter of the waistbelt, spreading out pressure and providing testers with excellent support for 360° around the torso. It also prevented the waistbelt from buckling and cutting into fleshy stomachs, a pet peeve of our testers. A nice balance of burl and breathability makes this harness great for all types of weather and all types of climbing.


With plenty of cushion to keep testers comfy but a very light feel, this harness shines in any conditions and any location, from the gym to all-day routes in Yosemite.

$55; 12 oz.;

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