Review: Black Diamond Ozone Harness

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In the weight-obsessed discipline of sport climbing, this no-frills harness gets the job done at a light 10.5 ounces (men’s medium). Designers cut weight by including buckle-free leg loops and a sleek design, keeping material to a minimum. The leg loops and waistbelt are narrow in the front and wider in the back, offering a larger contact zone where you need it. Testers appreciated the simplicity of the rig, too. “Slip it on, pull the waist strap, and you’re good to go.” This harness forgoes traditional webbing for the internal structure and instead uses Vectran fibers. This adds stability to the shape of the waistbelt and leg loops; it was comfortable even when one tester hung for 15 minutes to analyze moves. Packability was top-notch, with the Ozone scrunching down to slightly smaller than a 32-ounce Nalgene bottle. Testers were able to use it for trad climbing, but preferred to rack on a gear sling instead of the gear loops. More than a few pounds on the harness caused discomfort and made it feel like the waistbelt was sliding down. (Women’s version is the Aura.)


The simplicity and straightforward design of this sport climbing rig make it ideal for weight-conscious climbers, without sacrificing comfort or performance for big falls, hangdogging, or standing belays. 


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