Review: Blender Bottle Gostacks

This story originally appeared in the March 2015 issue of our print edition.

blender bottle gostacks

Although these sweet little carriers were designed with protein powders and healthy snacks in mind, leave it to our tribe to find an—ahem—“alternative” use. Mixed-drink aficionados loved these stackable vessels for all the accoutrements that make specialty refreshments even more delightful: olives and vermouth (martini), triple sec (margarita), and cherries (almost anything). One pack comes with four containers of varying sizes, each locks on top of the other, and a convenient carrying handle lets you clip it anywhere with a biner. Made of Eastman Tritan plastic, these jars don’t hold odor or taste, so a rinse after carrying olives or cherries won’t leave you with an odd flavor.


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