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Review: Boreal Lynx Climbing Shoe

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Boreal Lynx Rock Climbing Shoe Bouldering

“The capabilities and handling of a sports car hiding in the body of a reliable, durable midsize sedan,” said one tester of these all-around climbing kicks. “Take them to the long roofs of the Gunks then the footwork-intensive verts of Smith and on down to the steep goodness of the Red River Gorge; you can’t find a better shoe that has such top-notch performance for all.” A slight downturn, roomy forefoot, and narrower heel offer unbeatable versatility and performance without forfeiting any comfort; testers wore these on all-day routes just as much as redpointing sport lines on the limestone of Wyoming. One major improvement in this iteration (the Lynx has been in the line before) is the new V2 Rand that wraps from the ball of the foot back up around the heel, with a secondary rubber strap just on the heel to tighten the shoe across the entire rear of the foot. “Most rands just pull tight over the Achilles, but when I cinch down the laces, I can feel the entire back of the shoe swaddle my foot and give me more accuracy and strength.” A padded Neoprene tongue contributes to comfort, and a relatively soft midsole improves smearing ability.


Improved fit and feel make the updated Lynx more comfortable than previous versions, while a new randing system and stickier rubber increase performance on all angles, rock types, and objectives.


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