Review: Creag Men’s Quantum Lightweight Climbing Pant

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After moving through the wide section of Moon Shadow, a first-class crack climb on the Quarry Wall in Unaweep Canyon, Colorado, I looked down at my Creag Quantum Lightweight Climbing Pants expecting to see them tattered and torn. I'd used a medley of techniques, including back stepping, knee clamping, and leg bars, that grated the fabric against the large metamorphic granite crystals. I was surprised to see the pants intact. I'd previously worn them while in the alpine on the Southeast Corner of the Saber in Rocky Mountain National Park, climbing around the South Platte, and clipping bolts in Boulder Canyon. I thought they would finally meet their match in Unaweep. I was wrong.

Creag's Quantum Lightweight Climbing Pants (also available as shorts) are a technical climbing pant for warm-to-hot conditions, when you need protection from the sun or rock, but also need to stay cool. The blend of performance and durability is a result of the fabrics. The primary fabric, dubbed Dream Weave, goes through a weaving process where high-pressure air blasts are forced into the thread, which hollows the fibers. This allows them to be both lightweight and durable. This is coupled with a rip-stop fabric in high-wear areas, like the knees, cuffs, and rear to ensure the Quantum's longevity. Both fabrics offer plenty of stretch for moves that require a large range of motion, like high stepping and stemming.

The author testing the Quantum Lightweight Climbing Pant on The Saber in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado.

The author testing the Quantum Lightweight Climbing Pant on The Saber in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado.

Most climbing pants have a phone pocket on the front of the leg, but Creag smartly placed their phone pocket on the rear. This provides a comfortable carry and prevents the phone from smashing against the rock in most situations. A zipper on the side of the leg provides easy access while wearing a harness.

These are excellent climbing pants, but do have two minor drawbacks. First, the snap-closure does not allow for fit adjustments. Paired with the stretchy waistbelt, this meant I had to wear a belt to keep them from sagging. To be fair, this is the case with many climbing pants I’ve worn. Secondly, the waist belt snaps would dig into my belly a little when I bent over. Both issues are minor.

Overall, the Quantum Pants are well designed (relaxed fit with a tapered leg), made from high-quality materials, stylish, and, best of all, designed, developed, and assembled in the USA.