Review: Edelrid Solaris Harness

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“You won’t find a more comfortable harness,” said one tester after her first multi-pitch route in Boulder Canyon, Colorado, wearing the women’s-specific Solaris. The super-wide waistbelt and leg loops have the largest contact zones of any tested. This not only disperses pressure, but it helps the individual straps keep their shape and stay in place. Leg loops don’t ride up uncomfortably into your nether regions, and the waistbelt won’t fold over onto itself and cut into you. Two separate straps at the waist help you fine-tune fit: Loosen the bottom strap for wider hips; tighten the top for a narrower waist. This customizable contour is unique—and brilliant—for women’s harnesses. Plus, the separate straps connect in a loop; one quick pull and the harness is snug in a micro-second. Testers loved the front gear loops that pushed gear aggressively forward, and the 3D-Vent technology that combined five straps with mesh, keeping testers cool even in 75° and full sun at Wild Iris, Wyoming. Nitpick: It was bulky to pack. (Men’s version is the Orion.)


Attention ladies: This is the be-all, end-all harness for women. Whether you’re a sport climber taking huge falls, a traddie carrying pounds of gear, or a big waller hanging for hours, you won’t find a more comfortable, durable, or versatile setup.


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