Review: Edelrid Swift Protect Pro Dry

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MSRP: $270 (60m) or $310 (70m)

MSRP: $270 (60m) or $310 (70m)

“Finally, a skinny rope I can trust,” said one tester of Edelrid’s new 8.9mm dynamic rope. At the forefront of rope technology since they developed the world’s first kernmantel rope in 1953, Edelrid has raised the bar again with the new Swift Protect Pro Dry 8.9mm, the first dynamic single rope with built-in cut resistance thanks to a Kevlar-like material called Aramid that’s woven into the sheath. And while Aramid is particularly static, Edelrid employed a newly developed production process to reduce the impact force to a tolerable level. One tester observed, “[It] was a bit stiff at first, but after a few outings it softened up. Now that it’s broken in, it feeds well through a GriGri and ATC and provides a nice, soft catch.” The Swift Protect is lightweight (53 g/m) and durable, making it ideal for alpine climbing and redpoint goes—it’s not recommended as a toprope or workhorse. Comes with a Pro Dry finish, so the rope stays dry in wet conditions, and a Thermo Shield treatment for ideal handling; certified as a single, half, and twin.

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