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Review: Evolv Rave Climbing Shoe

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The Evolv Rave climbing shoe. 

The Evolv Rave climbing shoe. 

Evolv’s Rave slipper represents a higher-performance upgrade of their successful Addict. The Rave is built with a new last that Evolv claims has a tighter-fitting heel compared to other slippers on the market. I was excited to test this out, since slippers have fit me baggily in the past with my medium- to low-volume heel. On first use, the heel did have an air pocket. However, after break-in, the leather upper helped shape the shoe to my foot. The Rave never slid off, even while heel-hooking on crimp rails along the roof feature of my home woody. The Rave has a full-length 1mm midsole and a full-length Trax SAS 4.2mm outsole—the same sole as the Addict. The resulting semi-stiffness mixed with the shoe’s overall forgiving fit gave me “rave-worthy” confidence and comfort when stabbing onto small edges and into slippery pockets at Shelf Road, Colorado. The Raves also jammed well on vertical limestone hand cracks, though they left my toes feeling sore. Out of the box, the slippers have a friendly feel while still being weapons on thin face climbs. Over time, the Raves loosened up a bit, but happily remain in my quiver. Their modest price is very attractive, too.

MSRP: $115,