Review: Evolv Shaman Climbing Shoes

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Evolv Shaman shoe review

Shoe Profile



The same superior performance as the old version, with an aggressive downturn, increased sensitivity, and relocated bottom strap for better toe hooking/scumming. “Anything slightly incut is a jug for my feet.”


Velcro offers seamless adjustments, and a snug fit eliminates dead space for comfort and heel hooking. Signature “love bump” gives folded toes somewhere to go for “10x the comfort of other downturned shoes.”


Cement-solid edges grip anything, including “an eighth-inch foothold that looked like it would break off as soon as I put any weight on it.” This updated version has more sensitivity for finding polished nubs.


Don’t look to these for smearing or slabs, but they’re durable and kick ass on anything overhanging. Stiff and supportive, and testers loved the three Velcro straps. A split, padded tongue equals comfort.


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