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Review: Five Ten Verdon Climbing Shoe

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Five Ten Verdon Climbing Shoe Rock Bouldering

The inspiration for this shoe is clearly found in its namesake. The Verdon Gorge: a place where precision edging rules, but the big wall route lengths require a comfortable and supportive all-day fit. The brand-new Five Ten Verdon has the right balance of both. After running the shoe up sandstone slabs in Boulder’s Flatirons and low-angle granite routes in the Tetons, one tester’s high expectations were confirmed. “This shoe edges and smears like a champ.” But when putting them to the test on steep and greasy sport routes in Boulder Canyon, the same tester found that the shoes felt soft and precise enough to take on overhangs and offer enough sensitivity for the smallest of smedges. The secret sauce is in Five Ten’s molded thermoplastic 3-D midsole, which is designed in an X-shape and raised in the middle to fill in the dead space that results from engaging your toes on small footholds. Not only does this up comfort, but it also offers more control for your feet. As with any all-around hero, certain disciplines get the short stick here. The Verdon is not quite aggressive enough for hard bouldering or super-steep sport. 


The Verdon ups the ante for the classic all-around, medium-high performance shoe, offering more comfort and precision from slabs to steeps than any comparable shoe on the market.


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