Review: Fixe Solution M1 Wire Gym Draw

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The Fixe Solution M1 Wire Gym Draw, MSRP: $47

The Fixe Solution M1 Wire Gym Draw, MSRP: $47

Fixe Hardware has come out with two sleek, new gym draws, the M1 (with maillion; pictured) and the M2 (no maillion), both of which we hung at the Boulder Rock Club. Testers praised both draws’ tight, snappy clipping action and the smooth-edged, big-mouthed bent-gate, which has a broad, deep basket that does a solid, friction-free job of cradling the rope. As a bonus, the draws have a noise-dampening rubber sphere that made for less chatter (gate noise) upon clipping. The M1 tested better—“best in the market, as far as I can tell,” said Brent Ng, the head setter—primarily for the swiveling action provided by the maillion, which lets the draw orient to your clipping angle and direction of travel. Ng also praised the fact that you don’t need to clip the M1 into a standard bolt hanger, which can wreck maillions/quicklinks over time. With Fixe’s lizard logo, the draws were also standout-stylish.

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