Review: Free Range Canvas Pack—Tetons, by Rachel Pohl

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The Free Range Canvas Pack with Tetons design by Rachel Pohl.

The Free Range Canvas Pack with Tetons design by Rachel Pohl.

I’m 11 years old, and when I state the simple fact this 25-liter canvas backpack has style, trust me—I know what’s up. People notice me all the time with this pack, and not only because I look good but because of the design. If you see me around town, you’ll know what I mean. I use it for carrying my phone and my speaker. It can hold way more than that, but I like to think of it as a daypack. I tested it and it’s waterproof; it has great durability. At school, everyone asks where they can get one. The art is amazing. I rocked the Tetons design by the artist Rachel Pohl—one of many artists Free Range has creating art for their packs—with cotton-candy-colored mountains that are, as the cool kids say, “poppin’.”

In terms of functionality, the pack has a top-loading single main compartment with lots of room—plenty of space for a trad rack and rope or just sundry items for a stroll with your parents (or kids), or a laptop, jacket, and lunch if bike-commuting around town. And on the top lid, I loved the two zipper pockets made with upcycled bike-chain zipper pulls. “Why?” you may ask? Let me tell you a secret: You won’t lose your phone in the main compartment and you can get it out quickly when you notice your next ‘Gram opportunity.

The water-resistant canvas seems bulletproof, plus it allows your skin to breathe. I’ve spilled water on it and have thrown it as far as I could (remember, I’m 11 years old!), and it still didn’t show signs of wear. On a scale from 1–10 of durability, I rate it a 9 because it’s not invincible, but it is very strong. I thought it would be hard to find something that I don’t like about this pack, but it feels like all aspects of the design were addressed. Also, you can take off the waistband and chest straps, and remove the back pad if you want to pare things down.

This pack is poppin’ on many levels, and there is no way you wouldn’t want to get yourself one.