Review: Good Earth Sweet & Spicy Tea

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Good Earth Sweet and Spicy Tea

A hot drink is key to keeping morale high on a long, cold day. Everyone has their go-to. Us? We’re loving Good Earth’s zippy Sweet & Spicy. “That smells good! What is that?” is a common refrain when we open our thermoses. The fiery combo of lemongrass, cinnamon, peppermint, anise, and ginger root warm you from within while orange peel, orange oil, rose hips, and black and green teas provide a sweet and earthy balance. One cup has about a quarter the caffeine as a cup of coffee—just a tiny bump. “Any hot drink will get the job done, but this tea really provides a zingy, warming jolt; the little kick of spice heated me up and kept my psych level high! It’s like an energy drink for winter!” Also available caffeine-free and in a variety of flavor “infusions.”
$4.50 (18 bags);