Review: GSI Outdoors Selkirk 540 Camp Stove

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GSI Outdoors made its name with its efficient backpacking stoves and cookware, and the Selkirk is its first (brilliant) foray into the car-camping realm. The twin burners can hold two 8-inch or 10-inch pots or two 10-inch square frypans, and burn at a fierce 10,000 BTU/hour—even a large pot of water boils much faster than you’d expect, as I experienced when ours overflowed. I also delighted in how intuitive the Selkirk is, with a simple setup and easy push-button ignition. At first, at our elevation of ~9,000 feet, I had trouble getting the propane to light, pressing the button futilely. But after trial and error, I discovered that I needed to turn the control valve slightly past halfway and then leave it flowing for a few seconds before ignition. Also notable are the sensitivity of the control dials, which allowed for fine-tuning, and the sturdiness of the stove and its thick nickel-chrome-plated/stainless-steel pot supports. The latter is removeable, a definite plus for wiping down spillover mess.