Review: Hydro Flask Insulated Food Flask

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Hydro Flask Insulated Food Flask

It’s not just goose down, fleece, and hot drinks. To stay warm, you also need calories. And there’s nothing like a hot meal to re-energize and reboot on a long day of ice climbing or winter cragging. Our testers loved bringing hot rations from home with this compact container. The extra-wide mouth makes it easy to scoop from and clean without holding onto any odor or lingering flavors: “I carried tomato soup in this one day and hot chocolate the next with just a quick rinse in between and no cross-contamination of taste!” Testers experienced zero spills and found that even in cold conditions, food was still warm up to six hours later. Bonus: When summer hits, the insulation will keep food or drink cold for several hours, too.
$24 (12 oz.), $28 (17 oz.);