Review: Jetboil Genesis

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Jetboil Genesis Stove Climbing Gear Review

Perfect Road Trip Cooker

Climbing Gear Editors' Choice Awards

Two van-living climbers refused to pass this ingenious stove down the testing line because they claimed they’d “never be able to find such an efficient, versatile, and compact stove anywhere else.” Using regular propane, this stove has more cooking control than any liquid-fuel stove on the market; testers could simmer on a super-low setting or boil a few liters of water in a handful of minutes. With a folding two-burner design, you can pack it up into a slim 9.8” wide by 4.6” tall package, or leave it out since it only takes up about 20” by 10”. “With limited counter space in our van, this essentially doubles our prep area over the classic green Coleman stove we were using.” The cooktops worked well with regular pots, frying pans, and cast iron skillets, but you can also purchase the ceramic-coated 10” fry pan ($40) or 5L Flux Pot and Lid ($90), which were both extremely easy to clean compared to other nonstick pans. Plus, the Flux Pot has a special ring on the bottom that increases cooking efficiency with a lid that doubles as a strainer. Best accessory option? The Luna Satellite Burner ($60) connects to the stove to run off the same propane tank and boils water lightning-fast (2:15 for 16 oz.).
$240 (stove only), $350 (with pots);

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