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Review: Kinetik Kilojoule 3.0 Chalk Bucket

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Kinetik Kilojoule Chalk Bucket Bag Bouldering Rock climbing

The Kinetik Kilojoule 3.0 Chalk Bucket.

“Can you toss that chalk bucket up to me?” Those words usually preface a disaster of chalk, brushes, and tape across the boulders. Kinetik stopped the spillage with their Kilojoule Chalk Bucket. With a heavy duty zipper, a stable wide base, and a taco fold closure system, this chalk bucket guarantees less spills of expensive magnesium carbonate, less mess at the crag, and a simpler, more efficient way to carry chalk. The chalk bucket comes with two interior straps near the mouth for brushes as well as a zippered base to store nail clippers, an emery board, tape, and a phone. The waterproof vinyl shell on the bottom kept moisture out of the bag while zipped up and while sitting, which was useful for climbing on the snowy starts of Rocky Mountain National Park’s alpine boulders. The extra space around the opening allowed for a few items, phone, chalk bag, or a couple of snacks, to be fitted inside of it when zippered up. With all these convenient features put together into a compact package, the Kilojoule is perfect to bring to the boulders. 

$38, kinetikclimbing.com

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