Review: Knog Bilby Headlamp

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MSRP: $60

The Bilby is an unconventional, high-tech headlamp I didn’t even know I needed. It’s comprised of two waterproof pieces—a rechargeable light pod and a silicone head strap. The silicone housing is durable and grippy, with an adjustable slider for a custom fit to your head. The pod component easily slides out of the flexible head strap and can be recharged in any USB port (including the ones in your car), making it lightweight and incredibly portable. A fully charged Bilby runs up to 5 hours on its highest setting, and 90 hours on low, but Knog in no way scrimped on the output here. Ultra-powerful at 400 lumens, the Bilby lit up a coyote ahead of me on a Boulder, Colorado, foothills trail run one night, momentarily stunning him before we both scampered away. With six lighting modes controlled by two intuitive buttons, you can adjust brightness, tilt, and boost in each mode, making it a bit intimidating to figure out. Much like my first iPhone, though, it all clicks once you realize the Bilby was built entirely around the user’s needs and natural gestures. I saved my two favorite modes for quick access, but if you still can’t get the hang of all the options, you can create custom ones—the Bilby is programmable using Knog’s ModeMaker app. When stashed in your pack, use its lock mode, putting an end to accidentally turning on your headlamp when you rummage around and draining it. Just make sure you know how to unlock it, as that became quite the crux for me. 

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