Review: Lucy Perfect Core Bra

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Lucy Perfect Core Bra rock climbing apparel

Our tester ladies have long applauded the Lucy Core as the trifecta of sports bras: comfortable, stylish, and supportive. Nylon-spandex material wicks away moisture, while a stretchy seam in the bust and adjustable racerback straps allow for a customizable, snug fit, even on climber girls who have big shoulders and muscular backs. “To get the support I need, I have to size down with other bras, leaving my chest area sore and unhappy after a day of climbing,” one tester said. “But this bra has room and an adjustable strap for everything.” Removable breast cups let you add in a bit of cush and help to conceal you when going shirtless.

Why It’s Great for Women

Women have boobs. Boobs need support. This bra offers maximum support without squashing the girls down, looks great as a stand-alone top, and has a ton of adjustability for broad-shouldered climber chicks.


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