Review: Mad Rock Lyra Climbing Shoe

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This story originally appeared in the October 2014 issue of our print edition.

Mad Rock Lyra


“Ideal for harder multi-pitch routes, because it feels like a comfort shoe, but it has the performance of a more precise kick,” one tester said. A flatter, less-downturned profile and a supportive midsole that runs from the forefoot down to the start of the heel made this shoe great for when one tester was on her feet for five pitches of foot jamming in Rocky Mountain National Park. A tension-randed piece of rubber underneath the arch of the foot provided additional support and rounded out the easy-fit features. However, the Lyra has the extra toe rubber, the dedicated heel cup (one piece of rubber as opposed to rubber and leather or synthetic leather), the precise toe, and the band of rubber that wraps around the Achilles (pushing power to the forefoot) of a high-performance rock shoe. Designers added a few more strips of soft Velcro, so testers could change the angle of the closure straps based on foot size and shape. Bonus: “With everything I can wear this shoe for—bouldering, trad climbing, after-work gym sessions, sport climbing—this is a true bargain!” Testers reported the rubber started to wear down after about two months of use. Though not quite as sticky as other shoe rubber in the test, this degradation didn’t affect performance. “It immediately became my go-to shoe.”




One shoe to conquer them all—the Lyra’s flatter build and supportive midsole make it easy to wear all day outside or for hours in the gym, but certain features (heel cup, precise toe, power platform) give it excellent performance.


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