Review: Mad Rock Remora Climbing Shoes

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Mad Rock Remora Review

Shoe Profile



With a non-aggressive profile (almost flat) and soft sole, the Remoras offered moderate performance for a bargain price. Super-comfy for jamming, smearing, and slabbing, but they did not edge very well.


This squishy slipper sucks onto your foot like the Remora fish it is named after, but they still slip on and off easy. A boxier, high-volume shape, especially in the toe box, is great for wider feet.


Because they’re soft and quite flexible, “super-tiny holds were hard to find and grip with precision,” but extra surface area in the front made smearing and smedging a breeze. Get your slab on with these softies.


The Remoras offer an affordable option for beginner climbers seeking a first slipper, or intermediate climbers who want an all-day shoe that’s easy to wear. Also perfect as mileage kicks in the gym.


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