Review: Mammut Multi-Pitch Chalkbag

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Super-Functional Chalkbag

Climbing Gear Editors' Choice Awards

The multi-pitch climber’s conundrum: Should I bring a bullet pack or not? Jacket, phone, keys, and small snacks are somewhat of a necessity on routes of a moderate length, but climbing with a pack, however small and lightweight, can be annoying. Alas, the solution is here with the Multi-Pitch Chalkbag. Designers increased the size of a classic chalkbag slightly, put a zipper pocket on the outside that fits a small snack and keys, and added an adjustable bungee on the bottom for a lightweight shell or puffy. “Finally!” one tester said. “This solves my one biggest issue for multi-pitch climbing and greatly reduces the amount of time I have to climb with a pack.” A wider webbing strap with a large, burly buckle holds the inevitably heavier chalkbag comfortably in place, and a stiff mouth keeps the bag open for quick dips into the finger flour.

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