Review: Mammut Sensor 10

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Mammot Sensor

We’ve had this in our testers’ hands for more than a year, loving the innovation so much that we gave it an Editors’ Choice Award in 2013, and it still sits at the top of the gear pile for its unbeatable performance. Mammut developed the BiCo Sense technology, which weaves thicker and darker threads into a few meters of the middle and ends of the rope. You can visibly see and feel this “rumble strip” as it runs through your belay device and your hands, whether you’re lowering or rappelling. (Note: Testers couldn’t feel it in their hand while wearing belay gloves, but they still noticed as it vibrated through the belay device.) “This is my go-to cord for every type of rope climbing,” said one tester, who took it to popular climbing areas in California, Colorado, and Wyoming. “Besides the fact that it’s never kinked once and continues to handle like a new rope, having a little reminder that you’ve hit the middle or are nearing the ends is a godsend for lowering on single pitches and rappelling on multi-pitches.” The Sensor has never kinked, frayed, or fuzzed, even after 12+ months.


This workhorse rope has a surprisingly simple but effective system for alerting the user when he is reaching the middle or the ends, and its continued high-level performance after a year of use speaks to its durability.

$300 (60m), $320 (70m);

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