Review: Metolius Big Wall Bucket

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MSRP: $25

MSRP: $25

As a climber carryall, it’s hard to beat the Metolius Big Wall Bucket, an open-topped, freestanding 27-liter haulbag. There are no zippers, flaps, roll-tops, or pull-cords—nothing to get in the way while hauling. While the 1.16-pound bucket works great as a gym bag, car bag, or basecamp bag, it shone the most on long free routes. I took it up the 700-foot North Face (5.11) of the Rostrum in Yosemite and found—because we hauled—that it took the weight off my partner, allowed us to carry more supplies, and kept belays organized. When rolled out at the base of a climb, it works as a gear carrier and rope bucket, and when rolled up and girth-hitched with a sling, the bucket clips easily to your harness. Meanwhile, the two haul loops make it easy to carry, tag up, and clip to anchors. On the Rostrum, I hauled extra cams inside the bucket, which kept them from scraping against the rock, plus a pack with extra layers, tea, and cookies. Once at the belay, I pulled these items out and filled the bucket with the haul line. Sure, it takes extra time to haul, but when bringing up the Big Wall Bucket, I found any lost time was made up for by energy saved.

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