Review: Metolius Safe Tech Deluxe Climbing Harness

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 “This harness isn’t going anywhere,” said one Yosemite tester who dubbed it the most durable harness in this test. “You put it on, leave it on, and can focus solely on climbing.” Knowing that even the most careful and experienced climbers can make a mistake, Metolius dialed in the safety features, including dual belay loops for double the security. The Deluxe is part of Metolius’ unique Safe Tech line, which means that every piece of webbing and stitching is fully strength-rated, so unintentionally clipping into the wrong part of the harness won’t lead to disaster. Testers lauded the support thanks to a wide waistbelt and the 3/8” foam padding: “Maximum comfort for hanging belays and all-day wear,” one tester said, “but amazingly it still has good breathability in hot temps.” Four large gear loops easily handled a rack for Supercrack in Indian Creek and the Nose in Yosemite, but beware that the larger diameter gear loops mean that clipping those tiny lightweight carabiners can be a game of precision. An adjustable rise (distance between leg loops and waistbelt) made dialing in fit for all sizes of testers a snap.


The best built harness for redundancy, durability, and robust features; take this on your next big wall adventure. Excellent for longer routes and climbers who want to buy one harness and be done.

$105; 1 lb. 4 oz.;

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