Review: Millet Opposite TRX 9/10

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Millet Opposite TRC 9/10

With this dedicated sport climbing cord, you get two ropes in one. Fifty meters of 9mm rope merges with 30 meters of 10mm cord to create an ideal projecting line. Testers tied into the fat end when working climbs, taking more than a dozen whips on the more durable side. When it was time for the send, they chose the skinnier end to reduce weight. Testers loved the overall feel and handling of the Opposite, prompting us to give it an Editors’ Choice Award for 2014. One user said, “You barely notice the change in diameter when lowering or clipping.” The rope has proven durability with Millet’s three-piece braided core called Triaxiale. Testers noticed that the 10mm end fuzzed over ever so slightly after about two weeks of use, especially where the abrasion from multiple falls was concentrated, but it didn’t get worse after another six months of testing. Even with the dramatic diameter change, the Opposite ran through both tube-style and assisted-braking devices with complete smoothness. Drawback: It’s only available in an 80-meter length.


Serious sport climbers will find this rope perfectly suits their projecting needs, and although the price is kind of steep, you’re getting the performance and practical uses of two cords for the price of one.

$300; (80m);

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