Review: Ombraz Armless Sunglasses


The Ombraz armless sunglasses are—without competition—the best pair of shades I’ve worn. And I have owned a lot of shades, because an active lifestyle tends to destroy sunglasses. They’ve fallen off my face on runs and hikes; I’ve lost countless pairs in lakes and rivers (even while wearing croakies). I’ve never dared to take a pair of sunglasses climbing for fear of watching them plummet to their doom while checking out my footwork. But Ombraz has taken a new approach to the athlete’s shades, creating a pair that has no arms, just an adjustable strap attached to the frames that tightens down on the back of your head. Now, I don’t climb without them, especially this time a year with lower temps and snowmelt demanding that you climb in the sun. You can wear a pair of Ombraz for an entire day without the typical headache from the arms of sunglasses squeezing your temples, and for the same reason can comfortably wear a helmet. They’re also easy to pull off your face and dangle around your neck if you need to see into a deep, dark crack for a gear placement. By eliminating sidearms, Ombraz has also eliminated hinges and screws, the main breaking points on normal shades. They have handmade acetate frames built for durability, and polarized Zeiss lenses that are scratch and impact resistant, water repellent, and decrease smudging. Being the clumsy sunglass-destroyer that I am, I’ve found these guys hanging out at the bottom of my crag-bag among cams and quickdraws more than once, and still not a scratch. To top it all off, Ombraz plants 20 trees for every pair sold, sequestering 330 times more carbon than it takes to manufacture and deliver a pair of armless sunglasses.