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Review: Petzl Macchu and Body Harness

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Petzl Macchu Body harness kids rock climbing gear

Comfort counts, even if you can’t spell the word yet. “This one feels best when I swing in it,” said one four-year-old Colorado crag rat, who tested harnesses at local areas. The waistbelt has no seams and is wider on the sides, with extra-wide leg loops for excellent weight distribution. The leg loops and waist have a big range of adjustment, featuring DoubleBack buckles that are always doubled back, and the clear coloring enables quick knot checks, even on fidgety, fast-moving kids. “The white tie-in points and bright green belay loop made it easier to see that the knot was threaded correctly,” said one parent. Couple the Macchu (sold separately) with the Body chest harness to ensure that tiny climbers taking little whippers stay upright.

$50 (Macchu), $30 (Body);

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