Review: Red Chili Amp Climbing Shoes

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Red Chili Amp Review

Shoe Profile



Slightly downturned and rigid, the Amps send on vertical to moderately overhanging terrain. Unlike most slippers, “You can heel hook without worrying about losing a shoe. Two thumbs up!”


“It’s not easy to pull on the Amps. But once you do they suction themselves around your foot like a second skin.” A synthetic upper and rubber toe cap minimize stretching. Size comfortably (aka up) for crack climbing.


Not your typical soft and flimsy slipper thanks to a three-quarter length midsole and an overall flatter profile, including a spread-out toebox. Slingshot rubber in the heel drives the foot forward for precise edging.


They’re the “sweet spot” between an aggressive shoe’s performance and a slipper’s comfort. A powerful, technical slipper that lets you stand on small edges and pockets for a long time with help from a stiff, rubber-wrapped toe.


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