Review: So iLL Boost Board

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This story originally appeared in the March 2015 issue of our print edition.

So Ill boost Rock Climbing Training Hangboard Review

“If you’re new to finger-specific training or are prone to injury, this is your board,” one tester said of the Boost. “It’s easy to figure out which holds you should be training on because there are four rows of identically shaped holds that grow progressively harder as you go down.” With two rounded jugs on top, a sloper edge, then one-, two-, three-, and four-finger pockets, all with the same incremental change in depths, testers were able to design their own systematic training sessions, and after a few months it was really easy to see progress. “In the beginning I couldn’t even hang on the second-hardest row, but by the end I was training on the hardest row. Seeing that improvement kept me going and maintained motivation to train more!” This was also the most comfortable plastic board in the review, with durable urethane but really softly rounded edges that never dug into sensitive fingers. “This board was shaped with hands in mind; the ergonomic shape of every hold is really easy on my precious mitts.” Ding: Only one moderate sloper and no pinches limited the hold variety. Bonus: Many commented on the aesthetics of the Boost: “It looks like art instead of a hangboard—great when you have a non-climber roommate.”


This super-comfy board is incredibly easy to train on, and it will keep you motivated because you can track progress with the evenly spaced increases in hold difficulty. No pinches and one sloper might be a deal-breaker for more advanced climbers.


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