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Review: The pStyle

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pstyle pee funnel rock climbing gear

Every outdoor woman knows the feeling: Nature calls but there’s nowhere to answer it at the busy roadside crag. Then once you find a place, you’re squatting, thighs burning, with pricklies dangerously close to your most sensitive of areas. Enter this crazy-simple piece of plastic. Shaped like a funnel but without any tubes, the pStyle is designed so a woman can pee standing up, with her pants still on. Just place it into your pants’ zipper, angle it down, and go. It’s easy to use while wearing a harness, and cleaning is a breeze with no tubes to scrub: shake it out, or give it a quick rinse in a creek. A discreet carrying case and six color options round out the package.

Why It’s Great for Women

It means women can pee standing up. Enough said.

$12; thepstyle.com

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