Review: Vargo Titanium Funnel Flask

This story originally appeared in the March 2015 issue of our print edition.

Vargo Titanium flask

What’s the main problem with a flask of any size? Getting that liquid gold into the flask! Vargo has a simple but ingenious solution: a funnel that stays attached to the flask. This silicone funnel folds down around the spout where it lives, then flip it up and start filling. It does slide off for easy cleaning, but it also attaches reliably so you’d be hard-pressed to lose it. The 8 oz. size is ideal for a weekend (or a long night!), and the titanium body is practically unbreakable and relatively weightless at 3.7 ounces. “No leftover flavors or chemical aftertastes like other booze haulers—the last flask you’ll ever buy.” 


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