Review: Wild Country Blaze Harness

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Wide straps and monster gear loops make this a trad climber’s dream, according to our Southeast testers who used it for six months on the granite and quartzite of Looking Glass Rock and Linville Gorge, both in North Carolina. “It’s sturdy, comfortable, and racks a lot of gear,” one smitten user said. The Blaze felt stiff on the first couple wears, but after that, it softened up and “molded to my specific body shape like a high-quality insole.” Two testers gave it a 9 out of 10 for comfort. Gear loops kept a full double rack within reach; testers didn’t have to twist awkwardly to retrieve pieces from the rear gear loops, and the front loops pushed gear conveniently forward. This rig also shined in the durability department; multiple offwidths, chimneys, and butt scums proved this harness and its new DWC500 outer fabric will stand up to any abrasive abuse you can throw at it. And all those features don’t add too much weight; the medium comes in at only 14 ounces. Consider sizing down, as testers found their usual sizes slightly large. (Women’s version is the Aurora.)


All-day gear-pluggers will love the pure comfort and large racking capacity of the Blaze, and wide-crack connoisseurs will be hard-pressed to find a more durable setup.


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