Review: Yeti Hopper 30 Cooler

This story originally appeared in the March 2015 issue of our print edition.

Yeti Hopper 30

So this cooler might not be light enough to be “backcountry,” but it’s unbeatable for short jaunts, car camping, plane travel, and anywhere a hard-sided cooler is more frustration than its contents are worth. The 30-liter capacity easily housed a 30-rack with accompanying ice, and the 2” proprietary Coldcell insulation stayed chilled for three days in warm temps and five days at Joe’s Valley, Utah, in fall temps. For one cross-country flight, testers loaded a triple rack and checked it, and not even abusive baggage handlers could put a scratch on it. “The only soft-sided cooler I’ve ever used that’s truly 100% leak- and waterproof.” Ding: Pricey, but comes with a three-year warranty. 


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