Scarpa Rock Shoe Review

Scarpa Rock Shoe Review

Scarpa Eclipse, $99

Summary: Another entry in the sub-$100 category, the unlined Eclipse is designed as an all-around offering for both sport and trad. The shoe smears well but comes up short in the edging department, despite its midsole. And those looking for long-term durability, check elsewhere — the thin (for an all-around model) sole will not withstand much abuse.

Pros: Inexpensive. Smears well.

Cons: Poor edging.

Overall grade: C

Scarpa/Black Diamond: (801) 278-5552,

Scarpa Rock Shoe Review

Scarpa Marathon, $142

Summary: The Marathon almost caused a few same-size-foot folks in the office to come to blows over who would use these comfortable, all-around high-performance beauties. A molded-polyurethane wedge covered with sticky, treaded rubber provides heel comfort, while a moderately stiff midsole provides solid edging without compromising smearing ability. The unlined Marathon also jams well in all sizes of cracks, and even takes steep sport-trickery in stride.

Pros: Very comfortable all-around performance. Padded heel.

Cons: Expensive.

Overall grade: A

Scarpa/Black Diamond: (801) 278-5552,