SICgrips Gstring Climbing Grips


$70 (per set);


No more excuses: Train hand and finger strength without a hangboard, on the road, or away from the gym with the Sic Grips GString. Hang ’em over a closed door, on a standard pull-up bar, or from a tree branch in base camp with the strategically knotted 5mm polyester static cord. Although it appears simple, the intentionally designed shape allows you to train a huge variety of hand positions: jugs, pinches, flat edges, slopers, crimps, and underclings. You can even hang them low (just above elbows), and mimic the tricep-centric manteling movement—a plus for portable training devices. Not only does this have three orientations to provide different holds, but it also has varying grip surfaces, from baby-bottom smooth to coarse and rough. Compact, durable, and lightweight, the pair of aluminum holds weighs 2.2 lbs., giving you no excuses not to bring them wherever you go.