Simond Pitbull Speed RS - Crampon Review No 226

Simond Pitbull Speed RS - Crampon Review No 226

Simond Pitbull Speed RS

, $230, 2 pounds 9 ounces

Summary: At the Pitbull’s pricepoint, a


should come packaged with all the latest whistles and bells, it better have significant design and performance advantages over the competition, and it ought to include a decent bottle of single-malt whisky. I am sad to report that the Pitbull Speed RS delivers none of these things. Instead, this is a very basic, no frills, rigid crampon. The boxy frame generates solid penetration, but unlike the anatomic footprints of the DMM and Trango models, the placement and power of all the points are not in tune with natural shape and movements of the foot (resulting in a wobbly, unbalanced feel). Furthermore, the vertical front points are nearly symmetrical in cross-section and thus prone to shearing.

The step-in binding worked well enough, although the ankle strap fastens with an archaic metal buckle that isn’t as user friendly as most competitors’ more contemporary alternatives. While the crampon can be configured with a monopoint, it is symmetrical rather than offset (again, not the optimum placement for power or movement), and must be purchased separately.

Pros: Good point penetration.

Cons: Very expensive. Front points prone to shearing. Monopoint kit sold separately

Overall grade: C+

Simond/Vertical Addiction: (514) 526-1830,