Singing Rock Guru


From one ultra-slim tester to a wider-hipped lady climber, this fully adjustable rig fit several body types and shapes with complete comfort. Plus, it comes in six sizes from XS to XXL. We took the Guru to Rocky Mountain National Park for some long alpine routes and then to Shelf Road, Colorado, and Ten Sleep, Wyoming, for sport climbing sessions, and the Guru was just as good for hanging belays as it was for catching long whippers. “I hung for 30 minutes at a time taking pictures, and the wider leg loops made it easy to sit in; I didn’t experience any pain,” one tester said. The plastic buckles made it especially simple to answer nature’s call on teeny-tiny belay ledges, which can make or break a harness for women. It also easily held a sport rack (12 to 14 quickdraws) or a trad rack (standard up to 3”) on the four generous gear loops. The new Rock and Lock buckles are zippy and quick; slide them back and forth rapidly when putting on and taking off the harness. A burlier-than-most belay loop gave our testers confidence, and possibly the best part: It comes in at a bargain basement price. $50;