Snug Handling - Mountain Hardwear Minus One Gloves

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Snug Handling - Mountain Hardwear Minus One Gloves

After using them for most of a winter, our tester felt these close-fitting gloves must be named for temperatures in Celsuis, not Fahrenheit—they weren’t warm enough for traditional ice climbs or extended use below 25° to 30°F. But the Minus One gloves ($95, come into their own on single-pitch mixed routes—where dexterity is paramount—and during warm-weather ski tours and three-season alpine climbs. Made with goatskin leather palms, with reinforcements of tacky Pittards leather along the forefinger, thumb, and fingertips, they’re like having sticky rubber on your hands. The sensitivity is enhanced by OutDry technology, in which a waterproof/breathable layer is bonded directly to the fabric inside the glove, minimizing weight and bulk. Because they’re so snug, be sure to try on these gloves before buying; one tester tried two pairs and found the fit to be finicky.

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